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Geyer is a leading strategic design practice specialising in workplace, education, retail, and hospitality interior environments. We are dedicated to interior design. It's all we do. And we do it well. We are not an architectural firm looking to 'value add'. We have no divided agenda.

  • 10 billion dollars in construction
  • 8000+ projects across Asia Pacific
  • 4000+ clients globally
  • 1000+ awards
  • 100+ people
  • 40+ years of business
  • 1 focus on interior environments

No company has been more involved in the evolution of the workplace, or more instrumental in meeting the challenges of shifting workforce demographics and promoting employee well-being.

We believe the best way to drive engagement and productivity is to harness the power of your greatest asset, your people, by creating a space that nourishes them and enables them to leave the workplace healthier and happier and more inspired than when they arrived.


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Geyer's experience working with Australia's leading educational institutions provides us with an in-depth understanding of university aspirations and the practical needs of campus infrastructure.

Education in the 21st century is a global industry. The development of a physical campus eco-system can play a significant role in attracting and retaining students. Our focus on supporting vibrant communities that deliver fulfilling student experiences ensures we remain at the forefront of this exciting industry sector.


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Geyer's focus on improving the human experience through design is well demonstrated in the hospitality sector, where every tiny detail of that experience is judged, every positive treasured and any fault remembered.

It's a challenge we readily accept, an opportunity to master the wide variety of disciplines found in the hospitality environment and to turn our skills to indulging the senses of your most demanding customers.


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Retail never stands still.  It's theatre. It's discovery. It's a gift! It's art and performance, impulse and restraint, sport and leisure. It's a lifestyle, enclosed. It's an altogether uncommon common space. It's all about the customer. Work smarter. Shop harder. Live happier. We love our retail therapy.

Geyer has worked with hundreds of businesses to deliver retail projects across Asia Pacific. We have an extensive track record designing retail solutions for global companies such as Apple, Telstra, ANZ, Nike, Qantas, Tesla and Suncorp.


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Strategy led interior design drives organizational performance by focusing on supporting your business effectiveness. Our team identifies issues and exploits opportunities that are unique to your business, culture and location.

By engaging early and deeply with your stakeholders,Geyer works with you to realise the potential of next evolution of design standards, advances in technology and applied psychology. Geyer has been at the forefront of the ‘science of space’ for more than 40 years and continues to break new ground by applying research and learnings across sectors and industries.

Strategy led interior design drives organizational performance by focusing on supporting your business effectiveness. Our team identifies issues and exploits opportunities that are unique to your business, culture and location.

By engaging early and deeply with your stakeholders,Geyer works with you to realise the potential of next evolution of design standards, advances in technology and applied psychology. Geyer has been at the forefront of the ‘science of space’ for more than 40 years and continues to break new ground by applying research and learnings across sectors and industries.

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Change doesn’t happen because of new surroundings,processes and equipment – people make change happen. You need to inform and educate your people in a way that aligns with the company’s culture and communication style.

Setting expectations, communicating the right information at the right time and offering an insight into business drivers is essential. Training in new skills and processes will ensure great outcomes. Otherwise reverting to past working habits is likely and the business benefits of the change will be lost. Geyer offers several Change Management solutions.

Change doesn’t happen because of new surroundings,processes and equipment – people make change happen. You need to inform and educate your people in a way that aligns with the company’s culture and communication style.

Setting expectations, communicating the right information at the right time and offering an insight into business drivers is essential. Training in new skills and processes will ensure great outcomes. Otherwise reverting to past working habits is likely and the business benefits of the change will be lost. Geyer offers several Change Management solutions.

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Education Design Approach

Each unique university vision is applied to the practical needs of the campus infrastructure services. All stakeholders input to the process, to create student spaces that are practical and flexible. We align the design to campus wide procurement and facility management. The resulting spaces position institutions globally, with a view to greater community and corporate engagement and collaboration.

Capability and Knowledge

Geyer’s expertise across retail, hospitality and corporate sectors feeds our in-depth understanding of how to provide an optimum experience for both customer (the student) and service provider (university).

Our experience in the tertiary education sector includes:

  • Formal and informal teaching areas and learning facilities
  • Researching intensive strategies which align university objectives to global best practice
  • Creating public and community spaces that engage diverse user groups
  • Library design and refurbishment which incorporates state of the art technology, changing flexible service requirements and 21st century student learning paradigms
  • Staff workplace including the evolution and development of industry standards.
  • Extensive multi-stakeholder engagement to align academic, student, technology, occupational health and safety (OHS), Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and heritage requirements
  • Industry and corporate facilities and collaborative centres within university campuses
  • Re-envisioning building orientation, key amenity and services
  • Creating solutions that give clarity to purpose, function and location in a self-help environment
  • Specialist laboratory environments with significant coordination of engineering and specialist consultants
  • Student service centres in centralised locations

Key To Success

Success is creating inspiring, engaging and differentiated student experiences while providing ‘best in class’ university services. To support sustained success, administrative staff require the support of efficient systems and workplaces that promote communication and teamwork.

Research Driven

We research global best practice and influences upon the future of education. We invest with our clients and alliance partners globally in the development of knowledge, ensuring we remain at the forefront of educational design.

 Our Sydney studio has a long history of employing top scoring, research driven graduates from the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW to complement our strategic team.

Complementary Experience in Office Fit Out, Retail and Commercial Environments

We create customer-centric environments in public spaces such as retail precincts, airport terminals, shopping centres and hospitality spaces. There are significant synergies across all of Geyer’s areas of practice. We share knowledge and insights across our diverse portfolio to inform and challenge our thinking.

Supporting Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder consultation is critical within a tertiary environment.  We’re highly experienced in facilitating buy-in across the multiple faculties, students and project sponsors. Our engagement process is effective in helping diverse groups identify and prioritise their goals. We provide a framework for accountability and managing risk, which can be used to support decision-making.

Undertaking the Role of Principal Consultant

Geyer has undertaken the role of Lead Consultant for numerous projects and is accustomed to coordinating the roles of additional consultants, e.g. Building Services Engineers, Structural Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Programmers, Fire Engineers, Retail Consultants, Statutory Compliance Consultants (DDA and Building Certification) and Business Consultants. Developing a clear brief at the outset of the project is vital to ensuring a successful solution. This brief is informed by and has the buy-in of key stakeholder groups.


We bring a strong track record in working with:

  • The University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • UTS
  • Queensland University
  • Curtin University
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Adelaide
  • Murdoch University
  • University of Western Australia

Geyer has undertaken a significant audit of 400 Learning Spaces across all UNSW campuses, coupled with a research into local and global best practice.

We have worked with The University of Queensland to develop a five-year strategy and design solution for Next Generation Student Interfaces across their entire library portfolio. Significantly, we worked with the library staff of the Fisher Library, University of Sydney, to provide a state of the art technology integrated information service.

Geyer collaborated with the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University to create a Centre for Hearing Excellence. The centre combines research departments from a number of university faculties, commercial enterprises and the not-for-profit sector – all striving to improve the quality of life of those with hearing impairments.

Geyer’s substantial history of working with Curtin University across technical learning space, workplace and student service hubs has included multi-stakeholder briefing, design services and delivery on site. Geyer’s work on multiple technical environments at Curtin, such as laboratories for B311 Environment and Agriculture and B301 Physics, exemplifies the degree of rigor in briefing documentation and delivery to ensure the successful outcomes of these complex spaces.

At Geyer, we have a track record designing agile workplace solutions for national and global clients such as Westpac, Citi, BHP Billiton, Singtel and Rabobank. This extensive experience offers unique value to your project, bringing evidence-based decision making to your door and offering flexibility, diversity and functionality forged through the successful delivery of over five thousand projects across Asia Pacific.

Cross Sector Experience

Our team combine insights from it's in-depth experience across all sectors with global workplace benchmarks to offer unique value to your project. This knowledge is incorporated into a tailored strategy that drives the design of your business environment. Activity Based Working (ABW) and agile approaches are married to evidence-based decision making to create flexibility, diversity and additional functionality, aligned to varying work styles.

We Don't Stand Still

In a dynamic market, reliant on emerging technology, we can’t stand still. We must take insights from what has gone before to continue to evolve the principles and approaches to working.

Underpinning Geyer’s approach is our knowledge regarding global best practice and the factors influencing the future of the workplace. We continually invest in the development of research that ensures Geyer remains at the forefront of workplace transformation and design. We expand our knowledge with the involvement of our clients and global alliance partners.

Our Approach To Design

As interior specialists, we know the impact property and accommodation has on an organisation’s business objectives, culture and brand. Our goal is to support you in providing an environment which gives you a competitive advantage - one which allows staff to collaborate, create, and for you to retain top talent.

We believe that creativity and innovation in workplace design is a combination of two processes:

  1. Looking at the things differently, and
  2. Identifying unique responses to your key differentiators


To 'think differently' Geyer has developed a creative process to challenge and provoke new ideas. Our strategic briefing process begins with a big picture view of your business and its context. As we drill down, we continue to challenge your assumptions about the way the physical environment supports your people, and we challenge ourselves to do the same. In following this proven process, we identify unseen opportunities and ensure we will deliver innovative solutions.

Our process uncovers unique competitive advantages by tapping into ideas and aspirations that would not be unearthed through a traditional functional briefing process. Our approach is informative, collaborating with you and the wider consultant team to explore the opportunities, challenge the norms and create an inspiring environment.

Activity Based Working

Geyer designs workplaces with highly flexible spaces and tech solutions that evolve as work practices and technology change over time. We design future-proofed, large scale work environments for clients such as Westpac, CapitaLand, Citibank, Rabobank, TAL and BHP Billiton. These spaces have all successfully evolved without fundamental changes to their fit out.

Our evidence-based solutions create a diverse workplace. However, we aim to minimise componentry to a simple toolkit. We achieve simplicity with add-ons that create flexible spaces, diverse environments and extended functionality aligned to work styles. Solutions reflect your local circumstances and needs, and can be expanded into fully integrated Activity Based Working (ABW) solutions.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Ultimately, one solution does not fit all and an understanding of all aspects of a business is required before the best solution can be established.

Agile Work Practices

We don’t rely on assumptions or a pre-existing notion of what is required. Our teams respond to your needs. We take a collaborative approach to working with you and project consultant teams. This recognises the importance of a range of contributions and perspectives, constructive dialogue and a willingness to collectively pursue exceptional outcomes.

To successfully transition a workplace to an agile work environment, it’s important that the following are considered and aligned:

1. Technology to enable mobile working

A consistent technology solution must be provided. This typically enables mobile working through a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or laptop strategy. Additionally, allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and providing WI-FI will enable your team to work anywhere, anytime in a flexible manner.

2. Workplace design

The physical environment must include a diverse range of spaces to support agile working. These spaces cater for the varied ways that individuals like to complete tasks. Employees choose where and how they want to work, such as a quiet spots for focused work or collaborative areas for noisy teamwork.

3. People

For many people, mobile working is new and unfamiliar, which may lead to resistance. What’s the readiness of your people to commence agile working? Do your people have paper-based work practices and a reliance on hard copies or are they accustomed to digital storage practices? Are your managers ready to manage people that they can’t ‘see at the same desk’ every day? Do your people feel that they are ‘allowed to’ work in a different location? Implementing a change management and communications program to familiarise your people with agile work practices and how they need to change their behaviour in the new environment is recommended.

4. Policies

It’s important to develop protocols and policies that support agile work practices. Examples include; room booking policies and guidance around the way spaces should be used. It’s important that everyone shares common goals to effectively transform a company’s way of working; those groups include leadership teams, facility management, HR, technology and real estate teams.

Geyer has worked with local and international companies to deliver unique tailored hospitality environments across Asia Pacific. Our team has an extensive track record designing food and beverage destinations, executive lounges and lifestyle destinations. 

Core Geyer competencies of curiosity, intelligence, collaboration and empathy allow us to create the "Third Space" environments. We merge our in-depth experience across industry sectors with global trends as we design high value hospitality experiences. 

Cultural sensitivity and local context feeds the design process to develop unique places and experiences across the overlapping spheres of work, lifestyle, wellbeing and happiness.

Capability and Knowledge

Geyer’s inspiring hospitality environments are designed through a process of exploration and discovery. We embrace projects that combine thought, feeling and lifestyle. The key is identifying potential opportunities at the conceptual stages of the project. This allows us to push the boundaries of form, function and feeling to offer a truly unique solution.

Our hospitality capabilities include:

  • Establishing stakeholder vision identifying core values
  • Understanding design objectives
  • Establishment of key design/business objectives
  • Ideation and strategic innovation
  • Pushing boundaries of current trends
  • Tactical design process to drive best possible outcome
  • Understanding location and context
  • Driven by the user experience 
  • Bespoke methodology to branding and offer
  • New concept prototyping and testing
  • Collaborative and open attitude
  • Expertise in all technical aspects of project delivery


Key to Success

Geyer understands that each stage of work has objectives that require testing and workshopping. This ensures that each phase incorporates lateral thought processes and addresses the core values of the project.

This includes:

  • Effective communication tools
  • Continual open communication of design to all parties
  • Generation of design ideas to counter the ‘formulaic’ approach

Geyer’s success is based on our principle of committing core project team members with complementary skills and experience across briefing, design and delivery. In this way, we ensure continuity throughout the project and for longer-term relationships.

We combine innovation with strategy to drive business outcomes. This approach creates spaces that inspire engaging experiences and enhance customer behaviour.  The focus is always to optimise return on investment across sales, brand, culture and the business. Geyer’s Knowledge Team research market drivers and trends that we combine with our insight and experience to establish new benchmarks in retail design.

Geyer is driven to design at the highest level. We embrace the opportunity to work on projects that evoke thought and feeling in your customers. We combine global retail and lifestyle trends with the sensitivity of local context to deliver truly unique places and spaces.

Innovation is at the core of this process. This innovation is combined with strategy implementation to substantiate the business model for change. The ultimate benefit within any project is the opportunity to challenge ourselves and our clients. We are proud to work together with our clients to establish industry benchmarks.

Capability and Knowledge

Geyer’s retail experience spans precinct master planning and refurbishment to concept design and network development projects.  Our focus is on retail design that reinforces our client’s point of differentiation and market positioning. This intelligent approach improves the overall customer experience.

We have an in-depth understanding of processes, policies, protocols and approvals required throughout the program implementation for leading Australian and international brands. We understand the requirements of shopping centre owners, developers and operators, including their multiple stakeholders as well as the interplay between the building, tenant mix and individual retail design solutions.

We seek deep insights into customer behaviour, their drivers and needs, taking full account of the changes they are experiencing in multi-channel purchase options. Our experience is underpinned by an appreciation of retail best practice in relation to translating brands into tangible customer experiences in-store and aligned with online and other touch points.

Retail Design Services

Geyer develop bespoke services and methodologies to suit your project needs. This ensures key stakeholders are involved and specific business deliverables and outcomes are realised during the project. We evolve our services as the retail sector's needs change.

This evolution may involve partnering with other diverse and specialist professionals such as digital experience designers, social behaviourists and placemakers. We are entrepreneurial and always looking for new ways to bring our client’s business benefits and growth through the impact of great design.

Key to Success

Our approach is founded on teamwork as a fundamental element to ensure innovation, pragmatic creativity and high-quality deliverables.

 Supporting Geyer’s approach:

  • broader retail design experience.
  • understanding of retail best practice in translating brands into tangible customer experiences in-store, aligning retail with online and other touch point experiences from a wide range of consumer retail environments across a variety of industries.


As well as translating a client’s design standards into each site, we consider locational and site-specific requirements. Geyer also prepares and submits for all town planning and authority approvals, including the coordination of all service consultants and traffic engineers.

Working with Global Retailers

Geyer brings a depth of experience to undertaking the Architect-Of-Record role in retail environments for overseas-based clients including Apple, Sephora, Nike, Citi, Harley Davidson, Tesla, Heinemann and fashion retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch.

Geyer works with international retailers to develop store design concepts to suit the Australian market.

This experience includes assisting our clients with initial entry works:

  • delivering and adapting global concepts and standards within the local market
  • the documentation of the design
  • delivery of the environments


This role is important for clients so that they understand Australian regulations; particularly with local building regulations, Australian building standards, the Disability Discrimination Act and local government/council permitting processes. Our knowledge of these regulations enables us to best achieve creative solutions to maintain international design standards.

Innovation is at the core of this process. This innovation is combined with strategy implementation to substantiate the business model for change. The ultimate opportunity of any project is to challenge ourselves and our clients as we work together to establish industry benchmarks.

Retail Design Approach

Our approach comes from a passion to positively impact our clients' businesses and the spaces they create for their customers. It’s human-centred, creatively fueled and draws from experience ranging from precinct master planning to new concept flagships, rollouts and retail standards.

Our strategies and creative approach takes into account the impacts technology and social trends are having on human behaviour within multi-channel sales experiences. A brand integration and workplace culture specialist works within our core retail team, ensuring the translation of the essence of a client’s brand and culture. This guarantees an integrated concept, safeguards that your brand is embedded into all our design solutions.

Strategy and Rigor

A Strategy Phase is conducted prior to commencement of the Concept Design to maximise the value of your investment. This strategy phase provides the entire project team and stakeholders with an agreed vision and framework for progressing through the project. Most critically, it aids the prioritisation of goals and sustainability of outcomes. This phase requires commitment from stakeholders and contribution of market intelligence from other specialists and consultants.


Our approach to design welcomes contributions from specialists across:

  • placemaking
  • digital technologies
  • brand and communications
  • architecture
  • tenancy mix advisors
  • cost consulting


The different specialists add immense value in the Strategy Phase to develop and elaborate the possibilities and opportunities inherent within the project. Geyer brings the best out of the group through active collaboration and facilitation of communication.

Knowledge and Insights

Geyer has a dedicated Knowledge Team, which ensures current knowledge of the market drivers and changes. We gather factual material on new initiatives in various sectors throughout the world. Our internal knowledge sharing platform ‘Genius’ focuses on recent study trips, research projects, design discoveries and initiatives, continuing our commitment to being globally connected and aware.